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Minamata Disease Archives
360° VR Tour

To give people anywhere in Japan an opportunity to tour the Minamata Disease Archives on the Internet, we teamed up with the Virtual Reality Innovation Organization to create 3D views and VR images of the Archives. A simple click will take you on a 360° visual tour of the Minamata Disease Archives.

Click here for a VR facility tour of the Minamata Disease Archives

As you go through the VR tour,
challenge yourself with a quiz or keyword search game!

The tour comes with fun learning activities through quizzes and keyword search games, developed to offer an educational tool suited to an audience in various school ages and generations to learn about the environment and society.

Click here to download quizzes
and keyword search games

Click here to download the answers

Panoramic scenery of Manabi-no-Oka in 3D and VR images

The entire hill of Manabi-no-Oka captured in VR with VR photography technology including drone-camera photographing! This VR panorama of Manabi-no-Oka also works as a gateway to access VR of each of the three facilities. Those of you who live far away from here and cannot physically visit us are invited to step into VR to explore Manabi-no-Oka and view the exhibitions of the three facilities.

The four seasons of Minamata (Minamata seen from the ground) display movie

* To begin the tour, you will be directed to through an external website,, which is operated by IT Design, an official member of the Virtual Reality Innovation Organization. is a service offered by Matterport, Inc., a virtual tour service provider.

* The contents of the tour were developed with support from the Virtual Reality Innovation Organization, a general incorporated association dedicated to volunteering activities to help establishments that are closed due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

* The VR images can be viewed on personal computers and smartphones, which experience can be enhanced with the use of special goggles or glasses. This will give you an even more realistic feel, as if you actually find yourself in those three facilities.

* While the images can be viewed free of charge, viewers pay for any communications costs involved.

* Any use of the VR images for any purpose other than personal enjoyment is prohibited.