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Expanding NIMD's Activities: From Basic Research to Regional and International Contributions

The National Institute for Minamata Disease (NIMD) contributes to the local community through surveillance studies for regional revitalization and environmental welfare, besides technical studies for mercury analysis, utilizing its location in the area where Minamata disease occurred. NIMD also conducts environmental research to address the worldwide problem of mercury pollution as a WHO collaborating centre.
Meanwhile, the toxicity and risk of methylmercury to our bodies are still largely unknown, so it is important to conduct research that leads to preventive methods. NIMD addresses this issue from a variety of approaches with fundamental research.
NIMD is dedicated to comprehensive studies related to Minamata disease, and to collecting, organizing and providing domestic and international information. This exhibition introduces the local and international contributions of NIMD, the only research institute in the world for Minamata disease and mercury.

1F Small Exhibition Room, Minamata Disease Archives
9:00-17:00 *last admission at 16:30
Mondays *If Monday is a public or other holiday, closed on the following day
Minamata Disease Archives, Ministry of the Environment
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