C Research on Mercury
9. Recovery of Mercury from Mercury-Polluted Soil by Thermal Treatment

Low temperature thermal treatment system for mercury-polluted soil.

This system has been developing for remediation with removing the mercury from mercury-polluted soil/sediment.
We succeeded in removing mercury from mercury-polluted soil and sediment by low temperature thermal treatment with using particular additives.
Further efforts are has been made with the aim of practical technology.

1. Threw polluted soil/sediment into the apparatus and mix it with additive in it.
2. As soil/sediment is heated to 300ー by rotary kiln, the mercury vaporizes from mercury-polluted soil/sediment.
3. Completion of treatment. Treated soil/sediment is clean.
4. This devise removes dust in the exhaust gas.
5. Recovering mercury vaporized with thermal treatment by scrubber.
6. Emit the clean exhaust gas into the air.