TOPCall for hair samples

National Institute for Minamata Disease studies on the mercury pollution in developing countries. Scalp hair is clearly the most suitable material for estimation of methylmercury exposure.

We collect scalp hair samples from residents living in the areas that could possibly have been polluted with mercury in developing countries to determine the mercury content.

Mercury content in hair will be analyzed by a flameless atomic absorption spectrometer in the institute and the mercury data will be sent to you promptly.

Anyone who requests hair analysis, please email Dr. Fujimura ( before sending samples. Measuring mercury contamination is free of charge. However, the shipping charge for sending us samples shall be borne by shipper. All samples are used only for the purpose of research.
We also need the identification number, sex, age, and the place of residence for each participant.

How to hair sampling:

Sending to:
Masatake Fujimura, Ph.D.
Department of Basic Medical Sciences
National Institute for Minamata Disease
4058-18 Hama, Minamata, Kumamoto, 867-0008, Japan.