NIMD Forum 1999

Welcome Remarks

Yukio Takizawa
Director-General, NIMD
Ryo Takagi
Section Chief, Environmental Health Department, Environment Agency of Japan
Section I
Chairpersons: S. Lindberg & Y. Takizawa
Total and Methylmercury Levels in Hair of a Coastal Population from the Brazilian' Northeast
Monica Costal (Oceanography Department, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil)
Studies on Mercury Exposure of Some Brazilian Populational Groups Living in the Amazonic Region by Means of Hair Analysis
M.B.A. Vasconcellos (Radiochemistry Division, IPEN/CNEN-SP, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Mercury Environmental and Human Contamination in Brazilian Amazon; An Overview
Olaf Maim (Radioisotopes Laboratory, IBCCF, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Mercury in the Amazon: A Comprehensive Review with Special Emphasis on Bioaccumulation and Bioindicators
Marcello M. Veiga (Department of Mining and Mineral Process Engineering, University of British Columbia)
Section II
Chairpersons: O. Malm & A . Nakano
Bio-physical-chemical Mechanisms of Mercury in the Tropics
Ricardo Melamed (Centro de Tecnologia Mineral- CETEM/CNPq)
Neurologic Features of Chronic Minamata Disease (Organic Mercury Poisoning) Certified at Autopsy
Makoto Uchino (Department of Neurology, Kumamoto University School of Medicine)
Radio and Methylmercury Sensitivity of Cultured Mammalian Cells
Luiz Drude de Lacerda (Department of Geoquimica, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil)
Mercury Pollution of Natural Origin in Kagoshima Bayside Area.
Kimiyoshi Arimura (The Third Department of Internal Medicine, Kagoshima University)
Subjective Complations in a Population Living in the Methylmercury
Polluted Area
Futatsuka Makoto (Department of Public Health, Kumamoto University School of Medicine)
Section III
Chairpersons: M.M.Veiga & K. Eto
Mercury Research in Slovenia: Current Status of Mercury Contamination and Research
Milena Horvat (Department of Environmental Sciences, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Small- Scale Gold Mining and Its Environmental Impacts in Tanzania
J.R. Ikingura (University of Dar es Salaam)
Atmospheric Mercury in Northern Europe-Concentrations and Time Trends
John Munthe (Swedish Environmental Research Institute)
Investigation into Suspected Mercury Contamination at Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Mineshi Sakamoto (Department of Epidemiology, NIMD)
Levels of Mercury Contamination in Minamata Bay and Kagoshima Bay,
Japan: Mussel Adductor Muscle as a Bioindicator for Methylmercury Contamination
Masanori Sato (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, Kagoshima University)
Study on Macrobenthos in Minamata Bay
Masako Yamaguchi (NIMD)
Section IV
Chairperson: M. Horvat & K. Arimura
Certification of Total Mercury and Methylmercury Concentrations in Estuarine Sediment Reference Material, IAEA-405
M. Coquery (Marine Environment Laboratory, International Atomic Energy Agency)
The Role of Mercury Air/Surface Exchange Processes in the Global Biogeochemical Cycle
S. E. Lindberg (Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Steps to Improve Our Assessment of the Health Impacts of Environmental Levels of Mercury Obtained from Fish Consumption
Ronald E. Wyzga (EPRI)
A Simple and Sensitive Radiochemical Technique for Evaluating Mercury
Transformation and Distribution in the Aquatic Environments
H. Akagi (EPRI)
Section V
Chairperson: R. Wyzga & H. Akagi
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Atmospheric Mercury Concentrations in
Northwestern and Central Europe
R. Ebinghaus (Institut fur Physikalische und Chemische Analytik)
Clinical and Pathologic Studies of Methylmercury Poisoning in Common Marmosets
Komyo Eto (NIMD)
Comparison of Neurobehavioral Changes in Three Inbred Strains of Mice Prenatally Exposed to Methylmercury
Kim, C.-Y (Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Tohoku University School of Medicine)
Prenatal Methylmercury Exposure in Macaca Fascicularis
Koji Murao (Department of Clinical Medicine, NIMD)
Research Needed to Support Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Methylmercury Contamination
Kathryn R. Mahaffey (United States Environmental Protection Agency)
Closing remarks  
  H. Akagi (NIMD)