National Institute for Minamata Disease (NIMD), Ministry of the Environment, Japan, annually invites international and national experts, and organizes the NIMD Forum as an academic and open conference on a theme relevant to mercury. The NIMD Forum 2014 was organized as part of the 1st Anniversary Forum for the Minamata Convention on Mercury. NIMD would like to show our appreciation to the guest speakers and all the participants.

Date: 15:15-17:45, 18th (Saturday) October 2014 Venue: A hall at the Minamata Disease Archives (55-10 Myojin, Minamata City, Kumamoto) Reception: Yunoko Umi To Yuyake

The 1st Anniversary Forum for the Minamata Convention on Mercury
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NIMD Forum Proceedings nimd proceedings final.pdf

NIMD Forum

Guest speakers

Greeting messages by Mr. Shigeo Kitamura
(State Minister of the Environment, Japan)

Discussion by participants

Presentation by a guest speaker

A group photo of the NIMD Forum 2014