National Institute for Minamata Disease (NIMD), Ministry of the Environment, Japan, annually invites international and national experts, and organizes the NIMD Forum as an academic and open conference on a theme relevant to mercury. NIMD would like to show our appreciation to the guest speakers and all the participants.

Date: 6th / 7thDecember 2016 Venue: Minamata Disease Archives (55-10 Myojin, Minamata City, Kumamoto) Main Theme: Pathomechanism of Methylmercury Toxicity
~Various Approaches to the Problem ~

Reception: Fukuda Farm

NIMD Forum Proceedings (Separate file) of NIMD Forum 2016.pdf

Presentation by a guest speaker 1

Presentation by a guest speaker 2

Discussion by participants

A group photo of the NIMD Forum 2016