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Information on the Hall

The Hall, with a maximum capacity of roughly 240, is a facility that can be used for events, conferences and other occasions related to Minamata disease or mercury research.
Some of the major events that the Hall has served as a venue for are: 1) public presentations of research (NIMD Forum), caregiving skills workshops and rehabilitation technique workshops sponsored by the National Institute for Minamata Disease; 2) storytelling events sponsored by the Minamata Disease Municipal Museum and 3) conferences on Minamata disease or mercury research.

The seats of the Hall can either be laid out for amphitheater seating or be put away to provide a flat space.

Subject to certain requirements, the Hall is available for use by the general public as well. Please click here to find out about the request procedures.

Hall rental request:

Conditions of use

The Hall can be used only if either of the following conditions is met:

  • Use for a purpose that involves revitalization or promotion of the area in which Minamata disease occurred.
  • Use for a purpose that involves environmental education or learning.

Request procedure

Step 1: Make an interim booking by phone

Please phone us first to make an interim booking.

TEL: +81-966-69-2400

As a general rule, requests for use will be processed in the order of requests received. Please understand in advance that we may not be able to accommodate your request due to facility use conflict or for reasons of pandemic restrictions, etc.

Step 2: Submit a "Hall use request form"

After making an interim booking by phone, please submit a "Hall use request form" by e-mail no later than one month before the day of your scheduled use.


→Hall use request form (Word format)

Goods available for rental

Hall (a capacity of roughly 240)

One podium / one wired microphone; 10 wireless microphones (two of which are lavalier mics) * Up to nine microphones (one wired and eight wireless mics) can be used during an actual event.
One laptop computer (OS: Windows 10) * No Internet connection is available / two laser pointers / one display screen (approximately 200 inches) / one projector / one whiteboard / desks and chairs