CRM / Certified Reference Materials
  This standard material is a granular-materialized human hair, which was produced based on a quality control system that conforms to JIS Q 0035.
  This CRM can be used for validation or analytic accuracy management in quantitative analysis of trace elements contained in hairs.
Distribution target and condition
  NIMD CRM will be handed out for free to the laboratories in universities, public institutes, and private research institutes that perform chemical analysis related to the Minamata Convention on Mercury.
Please answer 12 questions below when applying. Your feedback will enable us to improve our new product.
One CRM per laboratory and transfer and sale will be prohibited in principle
Information on distribution
  Please check the distribution conditions above.
If you would like to apply, please send an E-mail to the following address with the required information below.
(contact person:HARAGUCHI Koichi)
※Please copy and paste the following details info the text and answer all questions
①Applicant (full name):
②Name of institute:
   Zip/Postal Code
⑤Phone number:
⑦Purpose of use
   A: Method development
   B: Exposure level studies
   C: Metabolic studies
   D: Environmental studies
   E: Others (                             )
⑧Which certified or reference values of NIMD-01 do you need?
   A: Me・Hg
   B: T-Hg
   C: Cu
   D: Zn
   E: As
   F: Se
⑨Does the concentration of NIMD-01 meet your needs?
   A: High
   B: Just right
   C: Low
   D: N/A
⑩Does the minimum requirement (quantity) meet your needs?
   A: Too much
   B: Just right
   C: Too little
   D: N/A
⑪Witch type of quality control materials do you use in routine analysis ( If you have any other request)?
   A: Hair
   B: Urine
   C: Blood
   D: Fish and mussels
   E: Sediments
   F: Soils
   G: Waters
   H: Spiked Samples
   I: Others (                             )
⑫Which key properties of reference material are important when selecting a CRM?
   A: Homogeneity in small amount ( < 10 mg )
   B: Stability at room temperature
   C: Concentration level
  The item will be shipped within a few weeks.
Please note that shipping is not guaranteed if the distribution conditions are not met or if any questions are unanswered.
「NIMD-01 Human Hair」
1. Certified Value and Indicative Value
  Certified values of NIMD-01 shown below are traceable to the International System of Units (SI). Expanded uncertainties of certified values are obtained by multiplying standard uncertainties by a coverage factor k = 2.
Class Elements Valu
Expanded Uncertainty
Analytical Method
(Refer to annotations below)
Methyl Mercury (Me-Hg) 0.634 0.071 1),2),3)
Total Mercury (T-Hg) 0.794 0.050 4),5),6)
Copper (Cu) 12.8 1.4 7)
Zinc (Zn) 234 29 7)
Selenium (Se) 1.52 0.29 7)
Arsenic (As) 0.17 0.03
Analytical method
1) GC-Electron Capture Detector  5) Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption
2) HPLC-Chemiluminescence 6) Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence
3) Ethylation-GC-Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence 7) Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
4) Thermal Decomposition Amalgamation Atomic Absorption  
2.Minimum Sampling Volume
      Sampling volume for an analysis should be 20 mg or more to ensure the homogeneity.
3.Period of Validity
      Validity period of NIMD-01 is Aug.01 2020 if stored unopened and under the condition satisfying the
     instructions on storage below. The validity period can be prolonged when further stability was ensured.
     Update information on validity period will be announced here.
4.Product Form
      NIMD-01 is provided in gray powder form and packed in a glass bottle. Each bottle contains
     approximately 3 g of the reference material.
5.Instruction on Storage
      Store in a clean place and avoid light and high temperature (less than 35℃, frozen/refrigerated storage recommended).
6.Instruction for Handle and Use
      (1)Although NIMD-01 is sterilized with γ-ray irradiation, consider the potential risk as a source of diseases.
      (2)To homogenize the contents, shake the bottle well before use.
      (3)Leaved the bottle at room temperature for more than 30 minutes before measuring sample mass for
              analytical use.
      (4)Moisture rate of NIMD-01 is approximately 5%. All the certified values were calculated with dry mass.
              Thus, measure moisture content of samples to correct obtained values. To measure moisture content,
              follow instructions below. Measure out samples ( >100 mg) in weighing bottles and leave them in an
              oven at 85℃ for 4 hours.
              After heating, close the lid immediately and let them cool in a desiccator for 30 minutes.
              Measure their mass and compare with those measured before heating.
              The weight difference can be calculated as a moisture content.
              To avoid evaporation and degradation of components,
              samples for metrological analysis and those for moisture content measurement should be prepared separately.
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