Department of Environment and Public Health
 The Department of Environment and Public Health consists of 3 sections. In the Ecology Section and the Environmental Chemistry Section, we carry out research into the behavior of mercury in the environment, such as through air, water, soil and organisms. In the Environmental Health Section, we study exposure assessment and health effects of methylmercury in human

Main research projects:
1. Improvement of the exposure assessment system for groups at high risk of methylmercury exposure
2. Exposure assessment of mercury and technology transfer in developing countries
3. Research on primary producer dynamics and mercury bioaccumulation to fish through food chains
4. Study on factors influencing the vertical distribution in speciated mercury in the ocean
5. Study on factors influencing long-term trend of atmospheric mercury concentrations in Asian-Pacific regions
6. Characterization of stable isotopic composition of mercury at the emission sources
7. Study of microbes involved in mercury speciation in the ocean
8. Relationship between exposure level and dose-response of methylmercury and essential trace elements in mammals with high mercury levels
9. Temporal trend analysis of activities of daily living (ADL) in Minamata disease patients on a disease-type
10. Evaluation of neurological symptoms induced by methylmercury and association of selenium compounds with toxicity in common marmosets
11. Studies on coexisting of mercury and selenium in Minamata disease and effects of methylmercury to fetus and breast-feeding infants

Director Megumi Yamamoto Ph.D.
Chief, Ecology Section Kenji Yoshino Ph.D.
Chief, Environmental Chemistry Section Koji Marumoto Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Environmental Chemistry Section Satoshi Irei Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Environmental Chemistry Section Yuya Tada Ph.D.
Chief, Environmental Health Section Sawako Horai Ph.D.
Researcher, Environmental Health Section Chisato Kataoka Ph.D.