Kimiko Izumo Ph.D.
Environmental Health Section
Current research projects
Total Hg, MeHg, and nutrients in edible deep-sea fish in Japan
Study groups
Exposure and Health Effects Assessment group
Work of study
  • Xing HQ, Zhang Y, Izumo K, Arishima S, Kubota R, Ye X, Xu Q, Mori K, Izumo S. Decrease of aquaporin-4 and excitatory amino acid transporter-2 indicate astrocyte dysfunction for pathogenesis of cortical degeneration in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders. Neuropathology. (2017) Feb;37(1):25-34.
  • Haraguchi M, Indo HP, Iwasaki Y, Iwashita Y, Fukushige T, Majima HJ, Izumo K, Horiuchi M, Kanekura T, Furukawa T, Ozawa M. Snail modulates cell metabolism in MDCK cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. (2013) Mar 22;432(4):618-25.
  • Takeshita H, Horiuchi M, Izumo K, Kawaguchi H, Arimura E, Aoyama K, Takeuchi T. Long-term voluntary exercise, representing habitual exercise, lowers visceral fat and alters plasma amino acid levels in mice. Environ Health Prev Med. (2012) Jul;17(4):275-84.
  • Nishikawa T, Miyahara E, Horiuchi M, Izumo K, Okamoto Y, Kawai Y, Kawano Y, Takeuchi T. Benzene metabolite 1,2,4-benzenetriol induces halogenated DNA and tyrosines representing halogenative stress in the HL-60 human myeloid cell line. Environ Health Perspect. (2012) Jan;120(1):62-7.
  • Nishikawa T, Izumo K, Miyahara E, Horiuchi M, Okamoto Y, Kawano Y, Takeuchi T. Benzene induces cytotoxicity without metabolic activation. J Occup Health. (2011);53(2):84-92.
  • Izumo K, Horiuchi M, Komatsu M, Aoyama K, Bandow K, Matsuguchi T, Takeuchi M, Takeuchi T. Dehydroepiandrosterone increased oxidative stress in a human cell line during differentiation. Free Radic Res. (2009) Oct;43(10):922-31.
  • Xing HQ, Hayakawa H, Izumo K, Kubota R, Gelpi E, Budka H, Izumo S. In vivo expression of proinflammatory cytokines in HIV encephalitis: an analysis of 11 autopsy cases. Neuropathology. (2009) Aug;29(4):433-42.
  • Xing HQ, Mori K, Sugimoto C, Ono F, Izumo K, Kuboda R, Izumo S. Impaired astrocytes and diffuse activation of microglia in the cerebral cortex in simian immunodeficiency virus-infected Macaques without simian immunodeficiency virus encephalitis. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. (2008) Jun;67(6):600-11.
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