NAGANO Masaaki
Division (Section) name/title:Department of Basic Medical Science (Hygienic Chemistry Section) / Senior Researcher
Degree(s):Doctor of Pharmacology
Academic Specialty Field:Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical health science
Environmental Specialty Field:Environmental toxicology
Research Subject(FY 2012-)
  • FY 2015-:Study on the modifying factors to methylmercury toxicity (representative)
  • FY 2015-:Fundamental research on prevention and treatment of methylmercury toxicity (collaborator)
  • FY 2015-:Study on risk governance of health effect of methylmercury (collaborator)
  • FY 2012-2014:Research on effect of dietary fibers on mercury excretion after MeHg exposure (representative)
  • FY 2013-2014:Study of information and perception of the health risk of low-level exposures to methylmercury (collaborator)
  • FY 2013:Research on the relation between methylmercury levels and marine bacteria in the water of Minamata Bay (representative)
  • FY 2012-2014:Research on its influences and behaviors of mercury in an aquatic environment of Minamata Bay (collaborator)
  • FY 2013-2014:Mercury contamination by many small-scale gold ore smelters in Talawaan River, North Sulawesi, Indonesia (collaborator)
  • FY 2012:Marine ecosystem and mercury behavior in Yatsushiro Sea. -Quantitative survey of marine benthic community in Yatsushiro Sea and mercury concentration of several fishes through food web- (collaborator)
  • FY 2012-:Information service using hair Hg analysis (representative)
Research Result (Publication)
  [Original article]
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  [Past Publication (prior to and including FY 2004)]
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