Atsushi Nakamura Occupational Therapist

My main work is rehabilitation for patients with Minamata disease.
I perform vibration therapy (Fig.1), repetitive facilitation exercise therapy (Kawahira method), and walking training with a robot suit HAL(Hybrid Assistive Limbs) for patients (Fig.2). We found that continuous vibration therapy relieved the severe pain and spasticity of patients with fetal-type Minamata disease, and improved their activities of daily living (ADL). HAL was introduced in order to expand, augment, and support physical capability.
I also perform occupational therapy including ADL training and making handicrafts such as leather work and skill screen.
The next study is to investigate the mechanism for the effectiveness of vibration therapy.

Subjects of study and affair
Project research
  • Basic research on the protection and treatment of methylmercury intoxication (collaborator)
  • Practice of rehabilitation for patients with Minamata disease and transmission of information on care and rehabilitation (collaborator)
  • Crating public relations magazine Committee(group leader)
Study groups
  • Study group on Pathomechanism
  • Working group on Clinical Medicine
Research achievements
Research by the external fund
The main history, academic background, degree, and citation etc.
  • 2003.3    acquisition of occupational therapist license
  • 2003.4~2015.10    Work at a Hospital in Fukuoka and Kumamoto
  • 2015.11~    Department of Clinical Medicine, National Institute for Minamata Disease
  • 2019.3    Master of Health Science (Kagoshima University)