1. Research on Minamata Disease
This research project aims at clinical investigation of Minamata Disease and methylmercury poisonings. In clinical research, we are studying about the establishment of the diagnosis of the Minamata Disease, clinical signs and symptoms of fetal-type Minamata Disease, and association of methylmercury poisoning with aging. In basic research, we perform the neuropathological study of the autopsy brains and the study about the neuronal death in the methylmercury exposure rat and influence of the cognitive function and brain monoamine metabolism on methylmercury. Sociologically, we perform the research about the health-and-welfare activities for supporting reproduction of the Minamata area, local reproduction, and social history of a pollution birthplace region.

1. Study on the clinical features of Minamata Diease
2. Study on the pathology of Minamata Disease
3. Study on the late onset of methylmercury poisoning
4. Study of health care in fetal-type Minamata Disease patients
5.Study on the effect of cognitive impairment by methylmercury
6.Study for the effect of methylmercury on neurodegeneration induced by Tau phosphorylation
7. Social history in Minamata area
8. Studies on the social impacts of Minamata Disease in a local community and the regional restoration

Minamata Disease causes certain pathological changes in the brain. The red part in the picture indicates the area of the primary lesion and the blue part indicates the area of secondary lesion in the brain of long time sufferers from moderate to severe cases of Minamata Disease.
Mouse hippocampal neuron