National Institute for Minamata Disease
  ・Minamata Disease Archives

The outline of facilities

■Exhibition corner
Outline of Minamata disease
    ・Cause and Damage of Minamata Disease
    ・Medical explanation-1
    ・Medical explanation-2
    ・Formation of methylmercury and its discharge
    ・Environmental pollution → Bioaccumulation
    ・Social background of Minamata disease

  ・Investigation of the cause of Minamata disease
    ・Investigation of the cause of Minamata disease
    ・Resulys of the study done by study Group for Minamata Diseaseof Kumamoto University, School of Minamata
    ・Medical treatment of Minamata disease

  ・Research on mercury
    ・Studies on mercury
    ・Variety of Mercury
    ・Recycle of mercury
    ・Fate of mercury in the environment
    ・Mercury circulates in the environment
    ・An illustration of mercury bioaccumulation by food chain
    ・Development in mercury analysis
    ・Current apparatus for mercury analysis
    ・Recovery of mercury from mercury-polluted soil by thermal treatment

  ・Problem of environmental mercury pollution in the world
    ・Mercury pollution in the world
    ・Distribution map of mercury pollution in the world
    ・Value of the natural environment
    ・Research on mercury pollution problems in the word

  ・Minamata disease Q&A
    ・Minamata disease: Outbreak & cause
    ・Minamata disease: Medicine
    ・Minamata disease: Countermeasures
    ・Minamata disease: Lessons
    ・Mercury & Minamata Bay
    ・Mercury in human body
    ・Mercury in environment