Department of Environment and Public Health
 The Department of Environment and Public Health consists of 3 sections. In the Ecology Section and the Environmental Chemistry Section, we carry out research into the behavior of mercury in the environment, such as through air, water, soil and organisms. In the Environmental Health Section, we study exposure assessment and health effects of methylmercury in human

Main research projects:
1. Effect of glucose metabolism disorders on methylmercury toxicokinetics and toxicity
2. Assessment of methylmercury exposure in Vietnamese
3. A study of food web structures of fishes as top predators and bioaccumulation of mercury in
    Minamata Bay
4. Research on mercury exchange in air-sea interfaces and accumulation for marine wildlife of
    mercury around Japanese Islands using atmospheric mercury monitoring network
5. Development of atmospheric mercury monitoring method for rapid and simple screening in
    mercury emission sources and their surrounding areas
6. Source apportionment of mercury in the air and marine sediment based on stable isotopic
7. Metagenomic study of microbial functional genes involved in mercury methylation in the coastal
8. Studies on fetal exposure to methylmercury and the coexisting elements with mercury
Director Megumi Yamamoto Ph.D.
Chief,Ecology Section Megumi Yamamoto Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Ecology Section Kenji Yoshino Ph.D.
Chief, Environmental Chemistry Section Koji Marumoto Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Environmental Chemistry Section Satoshi Irei Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher, Environmental Chemistry Section Yuya Tada Ph.D.
Chief, Environmental l Healt Section Megumi Yamamoto Ph.D.
Researcher, Environmental Health Section Liu Xiao Jie Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher Chisato Kataoka