Department Of Clinical Medicine
The Department of Clinical Medicine is engaged in two main themes of Priority Research and Duties that were set as part of the Mid-term Plan 2015 of NIMD: “Health effects of methylmercury” and “Contribution to improved community welfare”. Clinical research on assessment of brain function by using magnetoencephalography (MEG) and MRI and therapy for patients with Minamata disease has been conducted. Epidemiological surveys of populations exposed to methylmercury in areas with a high consumption of whale meat have also been conducted. We also provide outpatients with Minamata disease (mainly fetal and infantile Minamata disease) rehabilitation twice a week in addition to holding seminars to disseminate information regarding rehabilitation and care skills. Furthermore, we support care activities for the elderly in affected areas in cooperation with the Council of Social Welfare. We also perform fundamental research on understanding the pathological conditions of methylmercury poisoning and treatment.
Director Masaaki Nakamura M.D. Ph.D.
Chief, Comprehensive Medicine Section Masaaki Nakamura M.D. Ph.D.
Chief, Rehabilitation Section Masaaki Nakamura M.D. Ph.D.
Medical Technologist Youko Miura
Medical Technologist Kenta Kutami
Nurse Mina Itatani
Occupational Therapist Atsushi Nakamura