Department of Basic Medical Sciences
  The Department of Basic Medical Science is engaged in three main themes of Priority Research and Duties that were set as part of the Mid-term Plan 2015 of NIMD: “Health effects of methylmercury (MeHg)”, “Contribution to improved community welfare”, and “International Contributions".
   We have pursued to clarify pathomechanism of MeHg intoxication in following research subjects: “Basic research on the protection and treatment of MeHg intoxication” as a Project research, and “Research on selective cytotoxicity and sensitivity of individuals toward MeHg”, “Study on MeHg-induced changes in genetic expression, its effect on pathological condition, and the protection against MeHg intoxication”, “Study on the modifying factors to MeHg toxicity”, “Research on selective cytotoxicity of MeHg focusing on sulfur nucleophiles”, and “Research on the mechanism of the late stage of MeHg neurotoxicity”. We also have pursued MeHg exposure and health effects assessment in a research subject “Research on the distribution of mercury (Hg) and selenium in tissues”.
  Furthermore, we have contributed to improved community welfare and international cooperation in the following affaires: “Hair Hg examination of areas concerning for Hg pollution around the world”, “Information service using hair Hg analysis”, and “Information transmission using the Minamata disease pathology specimens”.
Director Masatake Fujimura Ph.D.
Chief, Toxicologic Pathology Section Masatake Fujimura Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Toxicologic Pathology Section Masumi Marumoto D.V.M. Ph.D.
Chief, Integrative Physiology Section Masatake Fujimura Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Integrative Physiology Section Akio Sumioka Ph.D.
Chief, Hygienic Chemistry Section Masatake Fujimura Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Hygienic Chemistry Section Masaaki Nagano Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Hygienic Chemistry Section Takamitsu Unoki Ph.D.